July 24, 2008


You can find my CD at:

Silverfish Books @ Bangsar
58-1 Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru, KL
Online store [sold out]

*Songs are now available for download online on iTunes etc.

For delivery elsewhere and updates, please email info.meichern@gmail.com


lolita said...

hi meichern ! \(^o^)/
i love your songs! wohoo~

i really hope if you can put extra information about your CD (like; how many song included in that cd,etc).

thank you.

Mei Chern said...

hello there, yes I will..just a bit tied up with some pressing matters. Will get down to doing that soon! :)

telegramsesat said...

nice one.

liong said...

saw one of the malaysia tourism ad- absolutely love your voice!