July 2, 2009

Malam Seni Rakyat & Gadoh

I should have updated this blog much earlier, but there you go. Guess I'm far from being a serial updater.

I'll be playing 2 songs tomorrow night at a gig organized by Meor and friends. It's in Kajang so do come along if you can. It's slightly experimental since I'll be singing a song written by Rahmat Harun and put into a song by Meor. Well, basically it is written in Malay so do excuse the accent if it sounds confused :)


Have missed quite a bit of gigs lately, including urbanscape, being away travelling on the tibetian plateau. Heard it was good along with a packed screening of Gadoh. If you haven't seen it, do catch it at the next screening; it's well worth the watch for every Malaysian.

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Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

hello meichern. your voice and the lirics damn good and meaningful on that day. congrats to you. btw, where the place that i can get your album?