October 7, 2008

Do you see me like you

All I want
Is some room to be heard,
Speak, live, and breath
Have you seen
Some kind of truth
What, this they called it?
Do you see me, do you see me like you

Big things, bright lights
What do you choose to fight
Poor things, not right
Do you give a damn
If you don’t see me like you

Oh it’s a shame
To say it’s ok
You wash your hands
It’s not your life
It’s easier
If you don’t see me like you

What does it take,
To push and break this down
What fools we make
The circle goes around
Around and on



Shahida said...

seriously i love this song. one of my life theme songs:)

Phoebe Gan said...

wow...great i really love tis song, and u go a nice voice^^

Mei Chern said...

Thanks :)

AL said...

I love this songs and i felt the common ground this song has in my life.