October 7, 2008

Feels Like Falling

I fall asleep at night
Thinking you’d be there tomorrow
And I’ll Kiss you
Like I kissed you for the first time
When I awake I’ll find you
Waiting by my driveway
Smiling, and singing
Songs that make me cry now

So tell, tell me
Do u mean what u say
Cuz I’m tired, I’m tired
of the games we play
Baby baby
Do u know If this means

Here we go again
And it feels like falling
And I’m wondering where I stand
Before you go again
I’m gonna say it loud
I don’t need you now

With your life as such
Sometimes u don’t even know
How the snow
Can make me smile so much
Then you turn around and say
That it would be okay
But your empty words
Mean nothing to me, nothing to me now


PAKU TULIS said...

i love all of your songs mei. huhu. hope can watch u perorming live. someday.! ((;

Jack said...

Haha I have a copy of your demo from London!!
Let me know if you decide to pop over to Singapore, if you remember who this is...


Tan Family said...

Sky's blue today
What did you do?
I was listening to you.


Wu Ling said...

I think the most significant strength of this song lies in its title, “Feels Like Falling”, as it vividly illustrates the feelings of falling in love. And of course, both the lyrics and melody are nice too. I believe that was why the song won an award for being the most downloaded song on a music chart.

yeemeng said...

hey there mei, you don't know me, but i heard your song really long ago, and i thought about it today after those many years. helps that i hear it through a really rough time. thank you for your music:) zach